If Mark Zuckerberg ever met me, he’d probably give me a medal for sheer endurance and commitment. Because I’m his dream customer (victim?): I scroll through Instagram, when sleep is elusive, and start methodically buying stuff. A modular sofa that somehow, magically, withstands the onslaught of pet claws? Check. A dress that’s “sustainable and wrinkle-free” while being thin on details? Sure, sign me up. A ceramic pan that promises to let you fry, saute and steam, with minimal cleanup and maximal aesthetic appeal? Oh yes, yes, yes. 

You get the picture. I’ve had to forcefully stop myself from becoming Instagram’s best customer, or at least a shopping VIP, because at some point, we do need groceries and my kid does need to eventually go to college. But it was thanks to the ‘Gram that I eventually found my go-to kitchen staple: Material Kitchen’s Coated pan. It’s one of the my very few social media-powered purchases that legit lives up to the hype.

I had to go through a couple of duds to get to this copper beauty. That ceramic pan I first referenced above (am pretty sure you can guess which one, since it’s internet-famous) — well, I tried to love it. I really, really tried. I went through two of them and had the same experience: The ceramic coating warped fairly quickly, after regular use (e.g. making fried rice or paella). The more I used it, the stickier it grew and the harder it became to clean. Eventually, the gunk reached a level where I just could not remove it. As for the so-called built-in spoon rest? I guess you can call it that, or as I would: A handle. It was not meant to be.

Now I’m not Melissa Clark or Padma Lakshmi by a long shot, but I do enjoy pulling together a simple meal to share with my kid with the least amount of cleanup. So I dug around and kept seeing references to Material Kitchen. Their nonstick (coated) 10.5-inch pan was gorgeous! Cooks things evenly, they said! A cinch to clean, they raved! Durable as hell? I had to check it out!

Egg frying in copper Material Kitchen coated pan.
Eggs just got easier. (Photo: Material Kitchen)

Let me tell you: All of the above is true. The 4.9-star-rated pan has a five-ply copper core with a nonstick coating. The copper matters here because it’s ideal for even heat distribution, which ensures you won’t have burned chicken on one side and a bloody thigh on the other. The edge is slightly curved, so you can easily pour out pasta sauce or scrambled eggs or whatever else you’re cooking without messy spillage. Plus it’s oven-safe up to 500 degrees.

Per the brand, the nontoxic, nonstick exterior is a “proprietary blend reinforced with a stainless steel alloy that is fume-free and made without PFOA, lead or cadmium.” If you use a silicone spatula with it, you’re home free. 

It’s also gorgeous. Available in a coppery Dune and a dark Mineral, you’ll want this pan sitting out, instead of hidden in a drawer. It’s sleek and modern and actually inspires you to pull up a recipe. Which is what the best kitchen tools should do.

As for cleaning: There’s no need to soak it. I use warm water, a sponge and dish soap, and like the pro it is, the coated pan is ready for its next culinary outing. What a difference one special pan can make.